About Us & What We Do

Qdev is not your typical software development company, Qdev is an experience.
What do we do? We can provide you high quality, innovative software solutions, strategy and marketing consulting for a broad range of industries.


We always ensure to create a fresh, clean and inteligent app design, offering a unique user interface and an outstanding user experience. Each project design scheme is based on our latest researches on design tendencies, so you will always be one step ahead of your competition.


We like to think about the code we write as a form of art, not just some instructions to get the job done. Reliability, Performance, Scalability and Security are few of the main keys that we focus on when developing your next idea.


A software marketplace develop by Qdev Techs where you can find some of the most unique premium app templates, scripts and plugins, ready to be implemented and monetized. Save time, buy code!


TaskCamp is a lightweight, easy to use project management tool and todo s tracker. Organize your life and then enjoy it!

How We Do What We Do


Our apps and platforms are built on latest technology, focusing on speed and reliability, so your project will run fast and efficient anytime, anywhere with minimal system requirements.


Don't let security matter when is too late already. Here at Qdev, we take things seriously. With an enhanced security background, the apps we build are vulnerabilities free.


Design is an essential factor, it has to look good and above everything, it has to be easy and fun to use. We can only promise we'll build a app that you will enjoy working with everyday.


We focus on complete development of a brand through strategic planning, research, social advertising, and interactive media.


No matter the nature of your project, it has to be present on the mobile scene. We make sure your brand will be well represented across all major mobile platforms.


Sell more, effortless, with our online marketing campaigns. Using different customized tactics, relevant content and the best traffic sources, your sales will go up in no time.

Backed by latest techs

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Romania, Prahova, Maneciu, Str Pamanteni 157

Email: contact@qwebdev.eu

Phone: 0758469961

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